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People at GFD


Device Engineer

Device Engineer

Ran Ruby Yan is originally from Peking. After she graduated in China with a bachelor degree in microelectronics, she moved to Ireland pursuing her PhD in Cork, the second largest city in Ireland, located in the south-west of Ireland. After finishing her PhD in 2011, she got her first job offer from Globalfoundries as a device engineer and has been working in Globalfoundries Dresden ever since. In the last 10 years, she worked in multiple organizations as engineer, team leader and program manager in Dresden Fab1. Her teams are always much diversified from her perspective. She had German and US managers, teammates from Singapore, USA, France, China and many other different backgrounds. She gained valuable capability to adopt a diversified environment and learned to work out the positive compromise for all sides.

Working in a diverse environment or team helps you to accept the differences.

“Regardless of how we differ, diversity is for us to appreciate one another’s uniqueness”,

as she said.

Ruby is now working in the business unit as a business line manager. Every day, she cooperates across different continents with colleagues based in the USA, Singapore, Germany… all over the world. Her previous experiences in GF Dresden site teach her to always keep an open mind and think from other people’s perspectives.

“It is an amazing feeling to work in such a global organization. Even with Covid-19 and work from home, I feel I am still traveling and learning new things from others every day, because we are all just so different.”

Since joining Globalfoundries, Ruby has also provided cultural training from the L&D department. She wants to help others to better work with their Asian colleagues and to explain the hidden reasons behind certain behaviors.   The training is usually in lunchtime as a “snack and chat” section. Due to the pandemic, this training has unfortunately stopped in 2020, but she is more than willing to offer it again in the future.

Ran Ruby Yan lives in Dresden’s Neustadt neighborhood, an environment characterized by diversity and proud of differences. It is not a surprise that she feels right at home here.