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People at GFD


Elected representative of severely disabled persons

Elected representative of severely disabled persons

How do you explain to your family/friends in one sentence what you do at GFD?

I am advocating for the rights of severely disabled people at GFD and help them with problems.


What shouldn’t be missing in your fridge?

Cheese and chilli.


When looking out of my apartment/house I look…

… at the village square.


What’s your best way to relax?



What does the perfect day off look like for you?

Working in the garden, spending time with the family and riding a motorcycle.


Dresden is …

… the city with the terrible roads.


  • Favourite city?
  • Dream job as a child?
    Locomotive driver
  • Favourite sport or club?
  • My grandparents' profession
    Shoemaker and sewer
  • Your core values?
  • Cooking or cleaning the kitchen?
  • Couch or bar?
  • Starry sky or laser show?
    Starry sky


GFD is …

… the employer with employees from over 40 different nations and over 100 severely disabled and equal employees.


Life motto? Life wisdom?

“Fear is just a feeling.”


With which meal do you like to impress your guests?

Pasta casserole


Your friends appreciate you for…

… my honesty.


I like to spend my free time…

… preferably with my family.


I volunteer my free time…

… to help at the voluntary fire brigade.


I like to go on vacation best…

… at home.


What nobody would have expected from me…

… that I am committed to helping the severely disabled.


I’m proud of …

… my kids.


What do you like most about GFD?



If you had a magic stick, what would you like to change in the world?

The injustice.


What drives you out of bed in the morning?

The alarm clock.



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People at GFD
Working student Communications

Working student Communications

„Be scared. Do it anyway.“

People at GFD
Device Engineer

Device Engineer

“Regardless of how we differ, diversity is for us to appreciate one another’s uniqueness”

People at GFD


"Underneath our skin, we are all the same."