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People at GFD




How do you explain to your family/friends in one sentence what you do at GFD?

We test our products so that they will work perfectly in your mobile phones or PCs later and do not fail.


Is there anything you don’t want missing in your refrigerator?

Chocolate, steak and occasionally a cold beer


What book is on your bedside table?

None. Reading books is not really my thing.


As I look out my apartment/house, I look up…

… our settlement with fields and meadows in the background


What is your best way to relax?

With my family and our dogs


What does the perfect day off look like for you?

Sleep a little longer and spend the day together with the family


  • I never miss this broadcast on television…
    Paw Patrol
  • Dream job as a child?
  • My grandparents' profession
    Steelworker and logistician
  • Your core values?
    Tolerance, openness, honesty, respectful interaction
  • Facebook or Instagram?
  • Cooking or cleaning the kitchen?
  • Couch or bar?
  • Starry sky or laser show?



… has become a new home. It’s a cosmopolitan city where we feel right at home.


GFD is…

… the largest semiconductor manufacturer in Europe and a very attractive and tolerant employer that offers a lot to its employees. Worthy of special mention is the work in the “mobile office”, which was born out of the plight of the Corona pandemic and which GF-Dresden would like to make possible for employees in the future as well. This is one of the greatest achievements for us employees in recent times.


Which exhibition did you last go to?

Tattoo Convention


What gift sets you apart from others?

Open-minded and tolerant


Life motto? Wisdom of life?

“Live and let live.”

Everybody should live as he wants to live… Life is simply COLORFUL, so black and white thinking or thinking in clusters, nationalities, gender, skin color or similar should not play a role anymore in today’s world! And exactly this COLORFUL is what my wife and I and our family live out completely… 😉


With which food do you like to enthuse your guests?

I like to grill or prepare a high quality steak.


Your friends appreciate you for…

Openness, honesty, tolerance, reliability


I like to spend my free time…

… with my family.


I prefer holidays…

With my family. At the moment we like to go to a vacation home at the Polish Baltic Sea to enjoy the peace and the wide beaches.


What nobody expected of me…

The way we got married


I’m proud …

… of my wife, of our children, of our fancy lifestyle and of what we have already achieved in life.


What do you like most about GFD?

Openness and tolerance and of course the work on high technologies


Favorite quote?

“Underneath our skin, we are all the same.”


If you had a magic wand, what would you like to change in the world?

Peace and tolerance, so that everyone can live in peace, quiet and security.


What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

Not much… but usually coffee and duty.