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Our understanding

Gender & Gender identity

The semiconductor industry is a very male dominated industry. The gender distribution of the professional and academic degrees relevant to our industry is also reflected in our company. 16.76 percent of the employees of Globalfoundries Dresden are women. It is our goal to increase the number of women employed by us step by step. In order to increase the number of women in the professional groups that are important to us, we participate in various vocational training formats (student internships, Genial Sozial etc.) and competitions (Jugend forscht etc.) in order to give girls and boys an insight into the semiconductor industry and to arouse the curiosity of the female student body for a technical profession.

Our way:

  • We live a gender-neutral DU-communication: employees are not reduced to women or men, but are addressed by their first names.
  • We live a gender-appropriate communication, so that everyone feels addressed.
  • Equal pay for equal work is a lived reality at Globalfoundries Dresden.
  • We enable part-time work for all areas.
  • We are currently developing management development programs for women in technical professions and positions.
  • In the worldwide network “GlobalWomen” not only women exchange ideas for the professional development of women.

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