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Our understanding

Health & Inclusion

The health of our employees has top priority at all times and in all areas of the company. Our in-house Health Center provides our employees with a wide range of comprehensive support in maintaining their health. We promote job security for severely disabled and health-impaired people. We are not only concerned with meeting legal requirements or fulfilling our social responsibility. The rate of employees with an inclusion background at GFD is currently around four percent. The individual and general interests of employees with health impairments are represented at the site by the Representative Council for Disabled Employees.


Our way:

  • The company health management system, with the pillar of company integration management, pursues the goal of keeping employees healthy, efficient and motivated. Workplaces are set up in such a way that they can perform their work under optimal external conditions. To this end, we continuously examine possibilities for improvement. We look at our employees individually: this means that, despite standardization, we consider individual health problems and try to find the optimal workplace for everyone. At the same time, we encourage our employees to invest time and energy in maintaining their own health. We show managers and employees ways and means of identifying and reducing stress. We place particular emphasis on practical and manageable regulations.
  • The Health Center team is available to employees Monday to Friday from 6.00 to 22.00 hours.
  • With the program “Healthy Diversity” all participating employees at Globalfoundries are motivated to live an active, healthy life and rewarded with great rewards.
  • The interests of people with disabilities are represented by the disabled representatives* at the site.
  • We regularly organize health days to sensitize our employees to health issues and offer them various options for individual health maintenance.
  • The in-house fitness center enables employees, their partners and our contractors to take part in sporting activities close to their workplace. The opening hours are adapted to our shift models so that colleagues working in shifts can also take part in sporting activities.

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